The Sports Résumé: Is Functional or Chronological Best?

Attendees of a Sports Career Conference held last year during the Washington Redskins Training Camp asked participating employers (e.g. ESPN, Bleacher Report, University of Texas Athletic Department) which résumé format they prefer from candidates when submitting their job applications, “functional or chronological?”

The chronological format was the overwhelming favorite, as it allowed the evaluation of more candidates within a shorter time period.

Some of the features of the Chronological résumé include connecting the candidates achievements and job responsibilities with each employer. It also lists the candidates employment history in reverse chronological order, which begins with the current or most recent employer.

These characteristics help make résumé scanning an easier process for recruiters, which is important as many Sports Industry employers receive hundreds of applications per job opening.

DISADVANTAGE: Will display any candidate time gaps in employment.

NEXT: Developing the Job Description / Achievements (Step 2)

Jobs Added: NFL (League Office), Notre Dame (Athletic Department).

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