‘They Are Afraid of Me Already’: 50 Cent Hits Back at Rémy Martin In Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

When it comes to lawsuits, one would think all parties would take the case seriously, but rapper 50 Cent is treating this situation like he treats them all: By trolling them.

The “Many Men” rapper took to Instagram to clown renowned cognac brand Rémy Martin, which is currently suing him for trademark infringement in regard to his liquor brand Branson Cognac. Reuters reports that the company filed documents on Aug. 13 claiming a “nearly indistinguishable” resemblance between the Sire Spirits Branson Cognac X.O. bottle and their Rémy Martin XO bottle.

50 Cent. (Photo: @50cent/Instagram)

The French company described their bottle shape as a “jewel-shaped glass cognac bottle design” and said the design is significant in its “extensive advertising, promotion, and sales over the past 35 years.”

Responding to the news, 50, born Curtis Jackson, made claims of his own and accused the company of being “afraid” of him. He reposted a photo of the Reuters link and on the next slide added a collage photo of his Branson Cognac X.O. bottle and the Rémy Martin XO bottle. In the caption, the actor and producer continued to troll the company, writing, “Branson Cognac is the new wave. REMY is #2 Behind Henny and worried about Branson Smh i’m just getting started.”

50 Cent claps back at Rémy Martin lawsuit by trolling them. @50cent/Instagram

50 ended his response by promoting his brand, with a hashtag which happened to be the name of his cognac as well as the name of his champagne called Le Chemin Du Roi.

Some fans decided to hold the “Power” actor accountable by sharing their thoughts on the similarity between the bottles. One person said, “It do looks similar of all styles ..could of chose a different bottle type 🤷‍♂️.”

Someone else said, “Your brand look like the knock off version.” Others believed that bottles looked nothing alike and that Rémy Martin was being dramatic with their claims. “They need to stop. We can see the difference clearly,” wrote one of 50’s supporters. Another said, “Milk bottles look the same they still co exist. So thats crap!”

It has not been revealed what Rémy Martin would be asking for in the event that they win the case.

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