Steve Harvey said boys without fathers need to see what real men look like.

Over the weekend, he posted a video to his Instagram page that showed him talking to a large group of young men at his Steve Harvey Mentoring Program. The program started in 2009, and in the clip he talked about how young men are affected when their fathers aren’t around.

Steve Harvey encouraged young men to apply to his mentoring camp that’ll take place this June. (Photo: Getty Images, Paras Griffin)

“Every boy that doesn’t have a father active in their life, they have a hole in their soul the shape of their father,” said Harvey. “All of these boys is going to be one of two choices. They going to be a good man, or they’re going to be a bad man, and what they surrounded with and exposed to is what they duplicate.”

“And I knew if I gave them some men,” he added. “If I just showed them what manhood looks like, that they wear belts, they get haircuts, they go to work every day, they take care of their family, they hustle and they’re grinding, they obeying the law. That’s what they need to see.”

Harvey also announced that his mentoring program will take place June 13–16 in Atlanta.

There will be workshops on dream building, as well as on the importance of physical fitness and health. The speakers will include men who’ve been successful in business, entertainment, the military, their communities and other areas.

To apply young men need to be between the ages of 14 to 18 and raised in a single-mother household. The single mothers are also required to attend a Mothers Enrichment Summit that takes place during the mentoring camp.

After Harvey posted the video and camp information, his followers sent him a lot of thank-yous and praises.

“Wowww Steve!!! LEGENDARY!! This is just what our world needs! Thank YOU,” one person wrote.

“Yes Steve!!! Thank God for you giving them the very much needed guidance… you’re one blessed man ” wrote another.

Harvey has two sons, Broderick Steven Harvey Jr., 28, whose mother is Steve Harvey’s first wife, Marcia Harvey, and Wynton Harvey, 21, whose mother is Harvey’s second wife, Mary Lee Harvey.

You can find more information on his website.

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