This #Jamaican Hashtag May Have Been the Best Part of the Night After Usain Bolt’s Historic Win

Usain Bolt in Olympic semifinals (Twitter)
Usain Bolt in Olympic semifinals (Twitter)

Usain Bolt won gold in the men’s 100-meter Olympic race Sunday night, his third straight win for the event. The track and field star made history for being the first to ever do so. Afterward, his victory inspired several memes in celebration of his gold medal.

According to ESPN, Bolt took off in .155 seconds, a typically slow start for the 29-year-old. It didn’t matter, though, because the gold medalist finished in 9.81 seconds, gaining the lead over initial front-runner American Justin Gatlin. He finished just 0.08 behind the Jamaican at 9.89 seconds.

Bolt was not worried about his distant start, calling the race “brilliant.”

“I didn’t go so fast, but I’m so happy I won,” he told the sports outlet. “I told you guys I was going to do it.”

After attendees chanted “Bolt, Bolt, Bolt” at the Rio De Janerio, Brazil facility, the #Jamaican hashtag sprung up on Twitter, hilariously putting Bolt at the center of pride for the country.

A user by the name Luke Cripwalker used the now-famous semi-finals photo to describe himself running away from deadlines, responsibilities and sleep.

Ashley C. Ford typed a possible thought Bolt had as he took the lead.

@reginaapaigee tweeted a photo covered in Jamaican flags to celebrate the nation’s feelings on the big win.

And used a scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street” to drive the point home.

@FireinFreetown tweeted a photo throwing shade to non-Jamaican Caribbeans, using silver medalist Gatlin’s photo.

They also used Bolt’s semifinals image to demonstrate “racing to conclusions.”

@dante2534 shared his Jamaican fiancé’s reaction to NBC reporter Bob Costas’ claim that Bolt is more famous than Bob Marley.

@Namastaywoke tweeted two photos showing national pride.

@kidnoble proclaimed himself Jamaican that night.

@Kelroydaily posted a clip of what many Jamaicans did to celebrate Bolt’s win.

It made Christine Sydelko emotional.

Bolt will qualify for his favorite race, the men’s 200 meter, tomorrow and the men’s 4 x 100 is on Friday.

As the second-oldest 100-meter champion in Olympic history behind Linford Christie, the athlete said this will be his last Games.

“Somebody said I can become immortal,” Bolt told ESPN. “Two more medals to go and I can sign off. Immortal.”

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