Tina Turner renounces her U.S citizenship to become an official citizen of Switzerland, and while some suggest she’s making the move for tax purposes Tina insists that’s not the case.
Tina Turner has been living in Switzerland since the mid-1990s and has finally made the decision to officially make the country her new home.

She has settled into the Zurich suburb of Kuesnacht where she learned to speak fluent German and now insists that being in Switzerland is what makes her truly happy.

“I’m very happy in Switzerland and I feel at home here,” she explained as she tried to “clarify her situation.’ “I cannot imagine a better place to live.”

Seeking citizenship in Switzerland means that the music icon is ready to no longer be a citizen of the U.S. and is ready to pay some higher taxes in order to be a citizen in the country she considers home.

“Tina Turner will therefore also give back her U.S citizenship,” Turner’s agent explained.

After actor Gerard Derpardieu announced he was renouncing his French citizenship because of the high taxes before being offered a Russian citizenship, critics were sure that the “Proud Mary” singer was following in his footsteps. Only problem is Switzerland actually has some pretty high tax rates.

“There’s little to suggest taxes motivate the decision, and Swiss rates are high,” Forbes said.
While the “Goldeneye” singer is ready to do whatever makes her happy, the mayor of her hometown still feels like the icon has not forgotten where she came from.

“Tina Turner – as she has gotten worldwide fame – has never forgotten her roots,” said Brownsville, Tennessee Mayor Jo Matherne. “We’ve been in recent contact with some of her people talking about some projects we have in Brownsville.”

Renouncing her citizenships doesn’t suggest that she won’t still be making her way to the U.S to visit her hometown and help out with projects; it just simply means she would rather be a citizen in the place she has lived in for over a decade.

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