‘Tis the Season: The Best Temp Jobs and How to Maximize Them

5 Ways to Market Your Business for the Holiday Season
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Seasonal work is often favorable among those who want to make a little extra money for the holidays or who want to get their foot in the door of a company. It’s a great way to see how a company works, whether the job is for you, or bring in a little side cash.

But what are the best seasonal jobs, and how can you best maximize your time where investment is worthwhile? Brazen Careerist details the top temp gigs based on various employment factors and gives tips on how you can best spend your time.

1. Santa Claus

2. Retail Salesperson

3. Material Recording Clerk

4. Parcel Delivery

5. Personal Shopper

6. Photographer

7. Chef

8. Volunteer

Brazen advises professionals to be sure to consider transferable skills that can be used in your next career step and really help boost your resume before taking a seasonal gig.

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