To Our Subscribers: Welcome to the New Black Enterprise

Everything is changing: How you do business; how you acquire information; how you invest your time and resources; how you earn a living; indeed, how you live your life. So we’re changing too, while continuing to serve our mission to be your most trusted source of information and inspiration to gain Wealth for Life. We are the new BLACK ENTERPRISE. Allow us to introduce ourselves, by showcasing some of the great changes in store for you in 2013 and beyond.

The biggest news: As a print magazine subscriber you are now entitled to an additional digital subscription to the allnew BLACK ENTERPRISE iPad app at no extra charge, through our new All Access subscription program. That’s right: no more paying separately for print and digital; your print subscription gives you automatic access to our BLACK ENTERPRISE +PLUS digital edition. Look out for the March 2013 issue, where we will provide all of the information current subscribers need to claim their digital edition at no additional charge.

In concert with providing you more seamless access to our content across multiple platforms, we are changing how we distribute that content. Instead of 12 issues of BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine each year, we are now packing the same great content into 10 issues, including double editions for January/February and July/August, with a new design and a repackaging of content to be more engaging and useful than ever. The reduction in the number of print issues delivered to your home or office will not result in less for your money: Our objective is to deliver even more editorial content in 10 issues this year than we did in 12 issues in 2012. By the way, if you are a current subscriber who paid for 12 issues of BLACK ENTERPRISE, you will receive all 12 issues before you are invited to renew your subscription, in addition to enjoying your “All Access” to our digital editions at no additional charge. In short, the subscription investment that once gave you access to just one platform now provides entrée to all that we have to offer, boosting your ROI several times over and maximizing BLACK ENTERPRISE as an indispensible resource no matter how you choose to engage us.

These changes recognize a reality for all of us: We now consume different kinds of content from a far broader array of sources, depending on our needs at any given moment, and often in real time. In response, we’ve shifted news, interactive resources, and content designed to engage you immediately and directly to our digital platforms–, BLACK ENTERPRISE mobile, and social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. With that shift, BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine will now focus on what print media is best suited for: in-depth success profiles, expert wealth-building strategies, exclusive industry lists and business rankings, and award-winning special reports, all packaged to keep you in the know and ahead of the game in your business, your career, and your finances.

We at BLACK ENTERPRISE are extremely excited about these improvements, with even more to be announced in the months to come for all of our media properties and events, including some brand new ones. However, gearing up for these changes over the past year has not been easy, especially given the ongoing disruption of the media business and the harsh economic realities of the past several years. We apologize for changes and delays in the timing of when you received your issues of BLACK ENTERPRISE during the past year. We also thank you for remaining loyal and committed to your relationship with BE as we continue to grow, change, and improve, in anticipation of your changing needs. Welcome to the new BLACK ENTERPRISE. In a world of constant change, one thing never will: Our success is inextricably tied to yours. Our greatest history is yet to come.

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