Basketball star Tony Parker is recovering from eye surgery in Paris after he suffered a corneal laceration during the Chris Brown-Drake brawl in the W.i.P. nightclub. It is still unclear whether Parker will be healed in time to play for France in the Olympics, which begin in five weeks in London.

Parker’s attorney Elizabeth Eilender told E! News, “We hope and expect he will be able to play, but that is between him and his doctor.”

After he was injured, the San Antonio Spurs all-star filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club owners, accusing them of negligence by “sitting persons known to be hostile to each other at the same time in order to generate funds for themselves” and “in serving liquor to intoxicated persons after they were obviously intoxicated.” It’s unclear why Parker limited his lawsuit to the club and didn’t include Drake or Chris Brown or any of the people who actually engaged in the brawl and bottle smashing.

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