Top 10 Counties with the Best Property Tax Value

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If you’re wondering where to go to get the best property tax value, wonder no more.

A recent study by SmartAsset lists the top 10 counties. In order to make this determination, the company looked at the quality of the schools, overall safety, and the amount of property taxes paid. Counties with more than 50,000 residents were ranked.

In order to determine which homeowners are getting the most value, SmartAsset researched how much residents in each county are paying in comparison to the services they receive.

In order to evaluate property taxes, county taxes were divided by the number of households. FBI crime rates and school rankings were also used for their analysis.

SmartAsset created a tool called the tax value index to indicate where in the country residents get the most bang for their buck for each tax dollar spent. Here are the top 10:

  1. Floyd, Georgia

  2. Sandoval, New Mexico

  3. Washington, Utah

  4. Bannock, Idaho

  5. Cleveland, Oklahoma

  6. Canadian, Oklahoma

  7. Clay, Missouri

  8. Benton, Arkansas

  9. Sebastian, Arkansas

  10. Taylor, Texas

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