Top 4 Things To Expect From Amazon’s Smartphone


Amazon’s teaser trailer for its June 18 product announcement is more than likely its rumored (and pictured) smartphone. It would be the fourth device in Amazon’s lineup of hardware, and it fits right in with the Kindle e-reader, Kindle Fire tablet, and Fire TV.

But while some of the mystery has been lost thanks to leaks, there are a few things we think Amazon will announce at its event.

Hot Branding

Amazon is stuck with the Kindle brand name since its e-readers were introduced in 2007. It expanded its lineup with its own tablet, the Kindle Fire, and most recently moved into the living room with its media set top box, the Fire TV.

Amazon’s smartphone will most likely stick with that branding motif, and could simply be called the Fire Phone. It’s pretty catchy, and definitely fits in with the rest of the device line.

Prime Data

Amazon’s Prime subscription offers instant access to certain movies, Kindle books, and yes, two-day shipping on thousands of products, all for one fee. But in order to differentiate itself from the competition, it could also provide one more thing: free data. If Amazon offers something like Prime Data, it could foot the bill on any Amazon content consumed by its smartphone owners.

It would more than likely rely on AT&T’s new “Sponsored Data” program, where a company like Netflix, Amazon, or Google would pay for any data used when you view their content, in order to let you watch even more. The move isn’t without detractors, however. The proliferation of sponsored data plans could create a tiered system where smaller competitors are pushed out because they can’t afford to pay for users’ data.

3D Effects and Gestures

Leaked photos from BGR show Amazon’s smartphone outfitted with an array of cameras all over the front of the device. Amazon’s teaser video for the device shows people moving their head around, viewing the mystery device from different angles.

With a few cameras for head tracking, Amazon could create a truly interactive display, complete with gesture control and a more pronounced parallax effect as seen in iOS 7.

3D Games and Content

If Amazon’s smartphone has a 3D display, it could pave the way for 3D content. Watching a 3D film currently requires a 3D television as well as special glasses, but Amazon could change that by tracking a user’s eyes and adjusting the 3D image on the fly. This could give Amazon an edge among content providers and charge a premium for 3D content.

It could also extend its reach into gaming. Amazon already has an App store for its Kindle Fire tablets. Nintendo’s 3DS has an adjustable 3D display, but doesn’t track the user at all; look at it from an angle, and the effect is lost. Amazon could provide a dependable 3D experience for gamers and developers to use.


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