Top 5 Cool Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

Statistics show that not only are senior professionals, or those over age 55, remaining in the workforce now more than ever, but they’re waiting longer to retire. They’re also still in high demand in some industries, with some employers touting advantageous qualities like commitment to quality, good attendance and loyalty.

Some seniors even choose work part-time during retirement or start businesses as second-career entrepreneurs, and live out their golden years almost as active as they were as young professionals.

If you’re an active senior looking for new career horizons, check out these five cool options:

1. Luxury Chauffeur
This job can be seasonal and professionals can typically dictate their own hours. Whether you want to only work during wedding or prom seasons or provide services for one client, such as a busy CEO dad or mom, this may be a good option to not only stay busy, but interact with diverse personalities and see more of a locale.

Salary: Varies (Up to $40,000+)

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