Top 5 Cool Jobs for Social Media Fanatics

In today’s business world, social media is not the exception, but part of the norm. If you love social media, have skills with Web analytics, can spot trends and stay on top of the hottest conversations and needs of an audience, a job in social media may be perfect for you.

Working in social media is not just about posting updates, but it’s certainly about having a savvy for what you post, who’s watching, how they’re consuming and how it turns into dollars for companies. Check out five cool jobs in the industry that are great for those who just can’t get enough of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and have a nice salary to boot.

1. SEO Specialist

This professional is proficient with search engine optimization efforts. In other words, they ensure that a company’s content or offerings are easily found on the Web for a target audience. They know the most searched keywords, how to interpret and use data from the latest analytics tools, how to position content for boosting traffic to a website and come up with digital marketing techniques.

The Cool Factor: You can typically work remote or in-office (or a combo of both) and you are often challenged with boosting a company’s digital imprint. You’ll be an industry MVP if you’re able to get that to equal dollar signs.

Salary: Up to $70,000+

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