Top Areas You Should Improve for Career Success in 2013

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If you’re a true boss, whether you own your own business or are a professional working for the agenda of one, you always want to be constantly innovating. If you have a strategy and know what areas you want to improve in, you’ll be on the right track for continued advancement.

JWTIntelligence, a think tank of a leading marketing and communications brand, has released 100 things to watch in 2013. Madame Noire details 10 key elements that relate to your career success and how you can zero in on those areas to progress:

#10 — Partner Health & Happiness

In 2013, a happier person equals a healthier person, and vice versa. Health will increasingly be viewed from a holistic approach with happiness as a key component. Working in healthcare or fitness? Look for ways to show your customers you understand the link between their mental well-being and their physical health.

#9 — Find Privacy In Public

Rihanna’s not the only one overexposed. Everyone is guilty of over-sharing in the age of social media. The backlash is finally here. People are starting to look for ways to create private spaces in their lives. Ask yourself, how can you give your customers a greater sense of privacy?

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