A family photo op Malaysia Pargo posted to Instagram this week took a turn when an apparent troll claimed they got her best friend Bambi mixed up with her foe Jennifer Williams.

The “Basketball Wives” star posed in a serious fashion alongside her brood, which included bestie and “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Bambi.

The women all sat underneath a sign at Atlanta’s Copper Cove Bistro that illuminated a quote attributed to Jay-Z which read, “Either love me or leave me alone.”

“Family Time cause the Conversation be Different. @coppercovebuckhead,” Pargo stated in the caption.

malaysia pargo
(From left) Malaysia Pargo, Bambi, Amy J, Lacretia, Krissy and Kaiyah. (Photo: @malaysiainthecity/Instagram)

The image was well-received by fans.

“My black is Beautiful you Sisters look Marvelous ”

“I love y’all foeva tho my real ones wons fo life”

“All baddies️️️”

“No shade to no one honestly, but THE BAM is coming through!!! Love it!!”

“Black beautiful woman”

However, things took a turn when one commenter remarked that they got Bambi confused for Williams.

“Bam looked like Jenn. Lol. Thought y’all was a cool for a min,” the Instagram user said.

Pargo hit back writing, “@mrmarcuswhite stop playing with mine🤬.. go somewhere with that s–t …”

Bam also chimed in remarking, “ tried it”

Others reacted by shading Williams.


“@itsfairyali that’s not cool to say🤔these are beautiful ladies”

Pargo has not gotten along with Williams since season 7 when she tossed a table in her direction during the season finale. By season 8, however, the two largely kept their distance from each other. That came after each woman spoke out about the incident that kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the past year.

Williams explained on “The Breakfast Club” in September 2018 that while she didn’t get hit, a security guard on set wound up “all bloody.”

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘Um, this b—- looks like a linebacker’ and I’m tryna figure out like, am I gonna have to fight this big b—-?” she recalled. “This is crazy …You’re trying to show your son certain things [about police brutality] … but yet and still you go and throw a table?”

Months later, Pargo shared her perspective.

“What was going through my head? Nothing,” Pargo told VH1 in June.“You see, when I get mad sometimes, I go black and I wanna see red. It was just me and Jennifer at this moment and everyone went somewhere else in my head. At that point, I just seen a target and that was it.”

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