Twitter ‘Buy Button’ Appears On Website

Shopping on your Twitter timeline has been made easier with the advent of the social media’s latest addition.

A new ‘Buy’ button appeared on multiple tweets last week, all of which included products that link to a shopping site called Fancy.

Tech-news site Re/code was the first place to discover the addition, and while the buttons appear in both the timeline and expanded-tweet view, nothing actually happens when you click on the button.

If you’re viewing the site through mobile, the button only appears there and not Twitter’s web version. This spring, the social media site had allowed users to add items to their Amazon shopping carts by hashtagging #AmazonCart. But it didn’t resonate with users, and Twitter‘s shares went down by nearly half from December 2013.

Twitter appears to be late to the party, but will this ‘Buy’ button help it to create a second stream of revenue?


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