oregon-under-attack-armed-militia-takeover-government-buildingBack in 2014, Clive Bundy and a group of armed white militia members came head to head with federal agents on a Nevada ranch. Now, nearly two years have passed, and Bundy’s son, Ammon, has led a new group of militia to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge located in Oregon where the group has occupied the government building since Saturday.

According to NBC, the standoff came after protesters and militia members converged on the small town of Burns to show support for a pair of ranchers jailed on an arson conviction.

Twitter users pointed out the ridiculousness of the entire situation, reminding the public that if the militia members were Muslims, Black or Hispanic, the United States government would respond with haste. However, this event is another example of white privilege.

The media has not covered it the same way as other acts of terror in this country. Users used the hashtags #Yallqaeda, #OregonUnderAttack and #Yeehawd to point out the racial differences situations like the #OregonStandOff highlight in our pre-post-racial society. Here is some of the best Twitter had to offer.

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