Having money doesn’t mean ignoring prices and refusing to acknowledge being overcharged. That’s what a lot of people learned when Tyler Perry posted a photo of two bottles of water that costs $9.

“I’m in hotel in Minneapolis on Madea’s Farewell Tour!!” he wrote Wednesday on Instagram. “I saw this and got mad as hell. They can’t be serious right?! NINE DOLLARS!! NINE DOLLARS!!! What the hell this water do, cure cancer? Make hair grow? Did Jesus bottle it when he met that woman at the well? Y’all got to be kidding me. I will swallow spit and die of dehydration before I pay 9 dollars for a bottle of water!!”

In November 2018, Money Inc listed Perry’s net worth at $600 million, so of course there were some who questioned why he had a problem with the pricey water.

MAN! IT AINT LIKE YOU AINT GOT IT! BUY THE WATER MAN,” wrote someone under the post.

That person, however, seemed to be in the minority when it came to people questioning why Perry refused to pay the high amount.

“Not all millionaires are stupid, some people do have common sense,” someone wrote. “No one should pay for anything 3 or 4 times the price. Because they have the money. Nice job TP”

“I can appreciate the fact that you can afford it and still speak up for what’s right and fair for all people!” wrote another follower.

Others gave Perry some advice about how to handle a hotel that’s charging an exorbitant amount for something that’s a couple of bucks or free if one just turns on the faucet.

“Drink it and go to the store and replace it just like we Do!” someone suggested.

“Drink it and fill it back up in the sink,” wrote someone else.

There were also a good number of people who thanked the filmmaker for refusing to buy the water and sticking to his principles.

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