U.N. Marks 1000-Day Milestone with Digital Rally

(Image: Flickr, The United Nations)

The United Nations, U.N. Foundation and other international organizations have launched Momentum1000, a global, “digital media rally” to raise awareness and mobilize people to action regarding the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

MDGs, which are comprised of eight goals, ranging from poverty to lowering child mortality rates, were developed in September 2000 after international leaders convened at U.N. headquarters to adopt the Millennium Declaration. The commitment each country made vowed to solve global issues by the end of 2015. Today marks 1,000 days until the target date outlined by the participating countries.

Between 8:30am ET Friday and 1:30am ET Saturday, over 70 campaign partners and hosts will participate in online events like Twitter chats, Facebook Q&A sessions, live-streamed conversations and Google+ Hangouts geared toward generating ideas for the post-2015 development agenda.

“Many strides have been made surrounding the MDGs,” reports Mashable. “Since 1990, extreme poverty around the world has been cut in half, enrollment in primary education in developing regions reached 90% in 2010 and maternal mortality rates have been reduced by 47% within the past 23 years.”

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