Vamp U Trailer Arrives

Vamp U, a seemingly flat comedy about cute co-ed vampires, (how creative?) is probably a film you will ignore when going to the movie theaters next weekend. This brilliant piece of work is being released by Deep Studio, and to our benefit, it’s only in theater for a limited time, then off to DVD it goes.

The official synopsis for Vamp U is described as:

Wayne Gretzky is a vampire with teeth that won’t grow. His impotence began when he inadvertently killed Mary, the love of his life, 300 years ago. To take his mind off the pain, he teaches college history-who better than a guy who’s been around for centuries? Attempting to regain his full vampire powers, he enlists help from his friend and colleague, Dr. Levine. Nothing works… that is until a new semester brings freshman Chris Keller—a dead ringer for his beloved Mary. They begin to have an affair, which quickly goes south when he accidentally turns Chris into a vampire. Now, as she leaves a bloody trail of destruction across campus—converting a sorority house full of co-eds including the irresistible Samantha to her vampire legion—Wayne is faced with the task of stopping her before she kills half the student body!

Maclean Nelson and Matt Jespersen tag teamed in writing and directing Vamp U. This ensemble includes Adam Johnson, Gary Cole, Julie Gonzalo, Alexis Knapp and Bart Johnson.

Vamp U hits theater March 1st, 2013. Trailer below:


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