An endearing moment between Kandi Burruss’s two children has fans gushing with delight.

Burruss and her 16-year-old daughter Riley Burruss accompanied Burruss’s youngest son Ace Wells Tucker to his t-ball practice Monday, April 15.

The clip begins with Burruss asking her 3-year-old how he enjoyed his first round of practice. Then, Riley and her mom ask Ace, whose father is Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker, if he thinks he’ll enjoy baseball and if he believes he’ll be the best.

“Yes!” Ace responds one by one to their questions.

“You gon’ make some money?” Riley asks her kid brother.

“Yes!” he says. “For you, Riley!”

“For me?” she replies. “You gon’ make money for me?”

“And for Mommy,” Ace answers.

“You’re gonna make money for all of us? Wow, thank you!” says Riley

“Thank you, Acey-poo!” Burruss says before Ace says he’ll be nice to them and warns his sister to be careful as they walk across the gravel.

The sweet exchange compelled Ace’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star mom to share it with her fans that night.

“My baby @acewellstucker said he’s gonna take care of us! he’s the sweetest,” Burruss captioned the video.

Burruss’ followers eagerly responded to the cuteness between older sister and younger brother.

“Awww he’s such a sweetie.”

“he has a good heart. he wasn’t thinking about himself just his big sister and family. so sweet!”

“Awww he’s so sweet! I it”

“Omg!!!!!! Soooo cute!!!! U raising him well clearly!!!!!! Very loving 🥰

While the bond between Riley and Ace is apparent, that doesn’t mean Riley is too keen on her mom adding any more children to the brood.

During the “RHOA” season 11 premiere, Riley made it clear she disapproved of Burruss and Tucker expanding the family, which also includes Tucker’s daughter 21-year-old, Kaela Tucker.

“You work too much … I know I get sad when you just come back for like, a day or two, and then leave back out,” she told her mom and stepdad when Burruss said they had two female embryos still frozen.

Regardless, the singer is forging ahead with adding to the clan, and she is certain Riley will come around.

“We decided we want to get a surrogate,” Burruss told Us Weekly in November 2018. “I can tell you that we did find someone, and right now we are in the process — you know it hasn’t been done — but we’re in the process.

“Riley’s like ‘you don’t need to have any more kids’ but she said that when we had Ace and now she’s in love with Ace,” the “RHOA” star added. “And now she’s in love with Ace.”

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