Shocking video posted to social media this weekend shows the moment a Sioux Falls, South Dakota, man launched into a racist attack against three African-American men after threatening them by claiming he had a gun.

Video of the incident, shared by Facebook user Ashley Eva Marie on Sunday, begins with the unnamed white man harassing the young men as they walk through downtown Sioux Falls. It’s unclear if the two parties had any interaction before the camera started rolling.

South Dakota Racist Rant
A man in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was videotaped shouting racial slurs and threats at a group of African-American men. (Ashley Eva Marie / Facebook video screenshot)

“I’ve got a firearm on me, so [if] you n—–s are going to follow me, just so you know,” the man says, whizzing past the group on his bicycle.

The Black men, who filmed the bizarre encounter, seem shocked by what was said to them but proceed to laugh it off as they continue their stroll.

“Damn, that’s really how you feel, man?” one of them asks, to which the white man responds, “What’d you say, n—-r?”

Seconds later, the man is heard shouting at the group from across the street, leaning into the racist tirade he’d started minutes earlier.

“The east side was f—–g destroyed by n—–s!” he screams. “[inaudible] where you came from — but you won’t because your communities are destroyed. Africa, no one wants to be there. That’s why you’re here!”

That’s when one of the Black men accuses the bicyclist of threatening to shoot them.

“I did not!” the man yells back.

“Yeah, we’ve got it on camera, sooo …” someone from the group responds.

On Facebook, Marie decried the incident, writing that “this is not how humans should act towards each other” and that she had filed a report.

A public information officer for Sioux Falls Police confirmed to Atlanta Black Star that a police report was filed and a suspect identified. So far,  there has been no arrest.

Watch more in the video below.


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