Watch Black Enterprise SVP Alfred A. Edmond Jr. at Small Business University

In the fourth week of our Small Business University program, Black Enterprise SVP/Editor-at-Large Alfred Edmond Jr., will discuss how to manage your businesses’ cashflow and what to do and not to do on a social media front for your business.

If you want to grow your business, visit Alfred and earn points towards prizes by answering questions about his presentations this week at

Class is now in session Black Enterprise Family!

Below is a schedule of the last two weeks of SBU instruction:

Alfred Edmond Jr., SVP/Multimedia Editor-at-Large of Black Enterprise, will discuss how to manage cash accounts and the positive and negative impact that social media can have on a business.

Monday, October 28: Cash flow Management: Keeping an Eye on Your Bottom Line
Tuesday, October 29: Creating and Maintaining a Social Media Presence for Your Business
Wednesday, October 30: Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Your Business

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