It looks like singer K. Michelle‘s “10 Year Challenge” post may have backfired.

Celebrities are embracing the social media craze of 2019 by posting two side-by-side images of themselves that were taken at least ten years apart. The point of the challenge is for folks to show the world how much they’ve glowed up over the past decade.

K. Michelle joined the challenge by sharing an old photo of herself from years ago before she landed her first record deal with Jive Records in 2009. The throwback image was an image of her posing seductively on a chair with a curve-hugging purple dress and leopard-print pumps. She compared that photo to a 2018 picture of herself donning a green leather minidress.

K. Michelle
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She wrote in her Instagram caption, “Ok y’all wanted 10years apart. Here you go! This was the VERY FIRST photo shoot I had to try and get a record deal, not knowing years later I would fight to get out of all of them .”

She added, “🤣 Lord things have changed!”

Fans soaked up K. Michelle’s social trend post and gawked over how naturally beautiful she looked in her throwback photo compared to her modern “glow-up.”

“What the hell! Why did you get all that work done you were so naturally beautiful. We like the old K better ,” said one fan.

A second person commented, “She looks way better 10 years ago than she does now! Wtf she do to her face and body 🤔 .”

One fan denounced critics and felt K. Michelle looked “great” in both photos.

“She looks great on BOTH pictures not sure if you all are trying to be shady.. you can’t deny that.”

K. Michelle’s has been open about the work she’s gotten done to her appearance over he past 10 years, including her botched injections.

The “Love Em All” singer underwent four major surgeries and two blood transfusions after getting her 2012 illegal butt injections removed. A man in Atlanta had given her black-market injections of hydrogel silicone to her butt and hips to give her the “Coke bottle” shape she desired. However, five years later the singer began experiencing pains in her back and legs.

Doctors told K. Michelle the silicone had spread down to her legs and damaged a lot of her body tissue. She underwent four surgeries before medical professionals were able to remove all of the dying tissue and silicone from her body.

k. michelle
K. Michelle got her implants removed in January.
(Marcus Ingram/Getty Images/@kmichellemusic)

She told People Magazine in June 2018 that her experience with the illegal injections transformed her mentally.

“I’ve gone through a physical transformation, a mental transformation, I think I’m more tough,” said K. Michelle. “I’ve always been a fighter and able to survive but it’s made me pay attention to other people around me and all the things I take for granted.”

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