Wells Fargo Introduces Interactive Tool for Parents and College Students

college students
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If you’re a parent or student preparing for college, Wells Fargo has a great new resource available.

Their Get College Ready website has free tools to help students transition into college and strengthen their money management skills.

Get College Ready offers a quiz, a calculator, videos and educational articles. Wells Fargo says it created the Get College Ready website because next to a car or home purchase, paying for a college education is one of the major financial events in a consumer’s life.

The new site offers information about preparing a financial plan for college, how to compare education award letters, understanding different financing products and resources, and learning about available options to cover expenses in addition to tuition, such as books, meals, rent, extracurricular activities, and expenses such as cell phones and entertainment.

Here are some of the resources available on the website:

Calculator: The Wells Fargo’s College Cost Calculator assists with providing an estimate of how much money you might need to borrow each year for college.

Knowledge Check: This is an interactive quiz to test one’s financial knowledge and understanding of the financial responsibilities that come with getting a college education.

Mr. Fellows Videos: This video series features Mr. Fellows, a college guide who explains the financial aid process. To learn more about the Get College Ready tools and resources, visit www.wellsfargomedia.com/GetCollegeReady.

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