Wendy Williams‘ husband Kevin Hunter released a statement about his wife living in a sober house and struggling with addiction, which is something she revealed Tuesday on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

“After I finish my appointments, I am driven by my 24-hour sober coach back to a home that I live in the tri-state with a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family,” she admitted. “Doors locked by 10 p.m., lights out by 10 p.m., so I go to my room and stare at the ceiling and fall asleep to come here and see you.”

Kevin Hunter spoken out about his family is dealing with his wife Wendy Williams living in a sober house. (Photo: Getty Images, John Lamparski)

In a new interview, Hunter said he and Williams are facing her addiction head-on, and he also brought up the The Hunter Foundation, a nonprofit they started in 2014 to help others with substance abuse.

“Wendy is doing well,” he told “Entertainment Tonight” on Thursday. “We’re doing well as a family. We are moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves. It is a family process. Anybody that has to deal with this knows this a family process, and we are dealing with it and moving forward.”

But Hunter didn’t address the allegations that he’s been physically abusive toward the talk show host, or that he’s been having a decade-long affair with a woman named Sharina Hudson, who’s said to be pregnant.

And because of that silence, he was blasted on social media, especially since it’s been reported that his cheating is why Williams backslid into addiction. In the past, Williams has been candid about being addicted to cocaine when she was younger.

“Anything this fool needs to say is void!” someone wrote Thursday on Twitter.

“He’s the reason she is in this place. Desperately trying to cover his tracks,” another person tweeted.

“She should get it together for her and her son,” a third person commented. “Divorce her cheating husband and move on.”

There’s also a lot of people rooting Williams on and thanking her for being candid about her struggles, which the talk show host said was the whole idea, to be open and honest.

“Wendy has been brave enough to make herself the face of addiction,” said an ET source. “It’s a disease and a very real and constant fight. It’s been extremely difficult to put herself out there and be vulnerable (as this is such a private struggle), but it’s too important a topic to ignore. She is known for keeping it real, and felt the need to keep it real for her fans.”

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