Wendy Williams announced on Wednesday, Feb. 21 that she is taking three weeks off from “The Wendy Williams Show” to deal with hyperthyroidism connected to Graves disease.

“Graves disease squeezes the muscles behind your eyeballs and so that’s the reason for [bugs eyes out],” she says at the top of her show. “Along with weight loss, which, I haven’t lost weight, I still weigh 146 as a matter of fact, not 145. … Along with hyperthyroid and Graves disease, it promotes nervousness. No, I’m not nervous. Anxiety. Please, I’m over 30 years in this game. Now, I can cop to irritability … but I’m thinking it’s just me micromanaging.”

While Williams added that she doesn’t have the symptom of moist hands, she added she has had trouble sleeping for a while and has rapid heart rate and an intolerance to heat.

“I kinda knew it,” she added of her diagnosis. “I feel like there are birds swimming around my head, you know, like a cartoon. Constantly high, but not high. But constantly on one.”

Re-runs of the daytime talk show will air during the three weeks that Williams is away, which the talk show host said she was “pissed” about. She also vowed, “I’ll be back in two [weeks].”

This announcement follows Williams taking a few days off last week to deal with “flu-like symptoms.” And in October, she famously fainted on-air, which she said was because of overheating.

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