Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” couple Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon surprised social media after they apparently united to throw their daughter a grand birthday party.

Scrappy and Dixon were engaged at one point, but their relationship ended on a sour note after the “Crime Mob” rapper was allegedly still creeping with other women. Their feud really ignited after Dixon accused the rapper of not paying child support for their 14-year-old daughter Emani Richardson. However, both stars have seemingly put an end to their feud for the sake of co-parenting their child and have moved on with their love lives.

Lil Scrappy
Lil Scrappy, Emani Richardson, Breland Richardson and Bambi. (Photo: @freddyoart/Instagram)

The reality stars’ daughter just turned 14 and was captured having the time of her life at her birthday party, which was apparently thrown in Atlanta. However, people were really shocked to see Lil Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee and Dixon hugging each other in a photo.

Lil Scrappy
Mignon Dixon, Erica Dixon and Momma Dee. (Photo: @freddyoart/Instagram)

Also, the “Forever I Love Atlanta” artist, along with his wife Bambi and their infant son Breland were spotted sitting together right behind the very pregnant Dixon and her family.

Lil Scrappy
@freddyoart/ Instagram

Fans were shocked to see all of the “LHHATL” stars in the same room together, but commended Scrappy and Dixon for overcoming their beef to healthily co-parent their teenage daughter together.

“Glad they were all able to come together ,” one fan wrote. ” I remember when they couldn’t even sit in the same room together without arguing .”

“Loving this ,” another person wrote. “I have nothing bad to say about this: this is a beautiful co-parenting family affair!!! Well done!! Some of yall bitter ones need to take some notes 🤷‍♀️ and I love her cake. Absolutely wonderful .”

I would never imagine!!! I seriously thought they all still had beef with one another! Everybody in one event is called MATURITY,” a third fan said.

Someone else commented. “I wonder if Erika & Bambi get along. 🤔 Whew This is some good co parenting .”

Scrappy and Dixon called off their engagement in 2015 and soon began fighting over custody and child support issues. Things got ugly when the mother of one filed a restraining order against her ex-fiancé, seemingly indicating that he was violent toward her.

“The restraining order has nothing to do with my child, it only affects me,” she told Bossip at the time. “You [Lil Scrappy] wanna get on social media and make it seem like it’s about your child. […] If he would’ve read it, it clearly states that it’s about me.”

She also told the news source that Lil Scrappy owed her $45,000 in child support for their daughter. They eventually reached an amicable agreement, according to Naturally Moi, which claimed the two sides agreed he would pay the $45,000 and $800 a month in child support.

Nevertheless, judging from the pair’s birthday celebration photos, their main concern appears to be parenting their daughter.

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