A group of eight graders in Chandler, Arizona posted a racist video on social media chanting “F##k all niggers” over Martin Luther King’s day and parents are furious at school officials for not chastising the white students.

San Tan Junior High School has decided not to discipline students involved in the video because it reportedly happened off campus, but has instead encouraged parents and students to converse about the racial problems in their community according to WSFA 12 News.

The school is insisting that the video sparked “backlash against the individuals in” and is creating a conversation around race, but Black students are telling their parents otherwise.

One student at San Tan Junior High School spoke at the community meeting held by “Black Mothers Forum” and said there’s been an increase in racist bullying since the video. She expressed that the students not receiving any punishment for their actions have only emboldened them.

“Now these students who posted the disturbing video believe they are untouchable and others who think like them feel empowered to spread their hate as well,” she stated.

Parents are demanding there be consequences for the unacceptable behavior and say they will voice their concerns at Chandler’s next District meeting.

“These kids who were inflicting hurt and hate — where are they? In school, in class unpunished,” said parent Amber Hutchinson. “Encouraging other students to become more vocal with their hate speech.”

One mother even expressed the racist video reminded her of the segregation era in the 60s, “I felt like I was in 1964 in Mississippi, not in 2018 in Chandler Arizona.”

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