It looks like “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel is back in hot water with viewers.

Over the last few seasons of the show, the shop owner has been accused of being extremely disrespectful toward his female employees. During season 7, he got into a huge argument with his day one employee and “sister” Sky Days after she decided to open up a business of her own and even called her a “b–ch” amid their confrontation. Fans at the time scolded Emanuel for not taking his female colleague’s emotions into consideration and instead using profanity against her. It seems his apparent lack of ability to treat women properly has came back to haunt him.

Ceaser Emanuel and his ex-girlfriend Crystal. (@blackink/Instagram) and (@vh1 screengrab)

During Wednesday night’s episode, Emanuel met with his ex-girlfriend Crystal, the mother of his teenage daughter Cheyenne, to discuss him possibly keeping their daughter for a period of time. Crystal told the “Black Ink” owner that she’s been feeling unattractive lately and wanted to undergo plastic surgery to get her jawline done.

“I don’t feel pretty,” she said. “I try to fix myself up and I still have an issue with the way I look. … I feel like I’m by myself.”

Emanuel jokingly responded, “If you fix your jaw you might die.” He then added that he’d rather for her to have low self-esteem than to “be dead.” Moments later, Crystal broke down in tears before the shop owner agreed to watch their daughter during her surgical operation and recovery period.

Several viewers felt Emanuel was being extremely insensitive to his ex-girlfriend’s feelings and slammed him.

“Who raised you Ceaser!! You could’ve told her she was pretty instead of making a joke of it smh shame on you 🤦‍♀️.”

“Ceez ur an asshole for that try uplifting her next time”

“@ceaserblackink you better be there for her! Make sure she knows she is beautiful before and after the surgery

“This is the part when you tell her she’s beautiful 🤷‍♀️ smh really Ceaser”

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