Why Mobile SMS Marketing to Drive Holiday Sales Is Smart for Black Businesses

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From TheGrio:

Calling all black business owners: Have you ever considered SMS marketing? As African-Americans over-index on mobile phone usage, this means of cost-effective reach might be just the thing you need this holiday season.

With all the uncertainty in our economy today, business owners have to become more savvy than ever when creating economical promotions that will help ring up sales during the busiest shopping season of the year. In an age where innovation creates impact, and constant change is the new norm, it may be time to re-think or rev up your sales strategy with a mobile component post-Thanksgiving.

SMS marketing benefits

What are the SMS marketing benefits?

Given the fact that our devices are always turned on, the mobile platform is a revolutionary way in which to reach consumers in a very inexpensive manner. Today, individuals are fast-forwarding over television advertisements viewed via DVR, quickly closing web banner ads, and opting for ad-free digital radio. Mobile is actually one of the most certain platforms with which to connect with the on-the-go consumer.

And if that consumer happens to be of color, then mobile is a must.  African-Americans are still number one – over every other demographic in the United States – when it comes to mobile phone expenditures, feature usage, smartphone purchases and mobile video viewing, according to Nielsen Mobile.

However, one might not realize this from the current look of mobile campaigns, which tend to be generic. But this might soon change. Recently an advertising agency panel in New York City concluded by asking mainstream marketers to stop playing it safe and target people of color by investing in a greater demographic understanding of these mobile users through research.

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