Wendy Williams has not been the biggest fan of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season and she’s offering up some suggestions on how producers can shake up the show.

One suggestion? Give Porsha Williams the boot.

“I’m tired of hearing about Porsha and the man,” the talk show host says on the Tuesday, Dec. 4 edition of “The Wendy Williams Show.” “I don’t like Porsha… Porsha’s whole demeanor, it’s too… Porsha went from being married to virtually an indentured slave to Kordell [Stewart] to becoming a pop tart. A real pop tart. Too much of everything. Just annoying. So bring back Phaedra [Parks] and get rid of Porsha. We can’t have more housewives than we need.”

While some of Wendy’s RHOA remarks got support, not everyone was on board with her wanting Bravo executives to fire Porsha.

“I feel like Porsha Williams and her boo, Shamari and Ronnie, and Marlo has to go!!! They’re annoying and is turning the RHOA into a ratchet, trashy, hot mess.”

“Did she just say ‘get rid of Porsha’?!?

“yes, bring back Kenya, but noooo… Porsha’s lowkey my favorite she’s gotta stay!”

“Get rid of Porsha.. really wendy? NO! Love you but gonna have to disagree.”

“Exactly!!! I like Porsha! I do not want Kenya back. No, yuck!!!! Happy for her new found life but I don’t want her there. Give Marlo her peach already! Dang!!!!”

“Porsha is adorable and a fan fav…”

“Sorry Mrs. Wendy but Porsha is the ONLY reason I watch housewives of Atlanta.. Definitely get rid of Mr &Mrs how you doin.”

“I’m not a fan of Shamari either she is boringggggg n yes both of them are boring! Yasssss bring back Phaedra! …. I just don’t c how shamari got a peach I’ve never seen her on the show as a fren Kmt… leave Porsha alone 🤨 that’s ma girl.”

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