Winning Number: LeBron James Will Go Back to Wearing 23

(Image: Facebook)

According to ESPN, LeBron James has decided to go back to his original No. 23 when he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. There was speculation on whether he’d wear the No. 23 or the number he had in Miami, No. 6.

As this will set the tone for the amount of jerseys that will sell, Adidas spokeswoman, Madeline Breskin, confirmed the company has begun setting up for a production run at its sports licensing facility in Indianapolis.

James, in honor of his hero, Michael Jordan, wore number 23 and wanted the number officially retired in Jordan’s honor, but, that lost steam quickly and never happened. He wore No. 6 when he arrived in Miami, and, according to his Twitter account, he states, “It’s only right I go back.”

In the 11 seasons James has played in the NBA, his jersey sales have led the league in six of them.

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