635711262833722981-missing-katy-woman3A Katy woman has been missing since Thursday after disappearing while snorkeling off the Caribbean island of Curacao, near the coast of Venezuela.

Anthony Waller told KHOU that his sister-in-law, Amanda Waller, 29, was snorkeling with her husband and friends along Cas Abou Beach around 3 p.m. Thursday, June 25, when she went missing.

Matt Myers, who was part of that snorkeling group, told KHOU that after snorkeling and taking pictures in the water, one of the women became tired and began swimming to shore.

He says a couple minutes later, Amanda Waller began swimming after her.

However, when the group returned to shore about 20 minutes later, they realized that Waller was missing.

After an unsuccessful search in the water, Myers says they called the Coast Guard, who arrived within 30 minutes to begin the search.

He said the Coast Guard and other agencies, including the Marines, have used dive teams and searched by air, and are now in the process of checking and reviewing cameras in the area.

Waller’s sister-in-law told KHOU the Coast Guard’s search efforts will cease after 72 hours, after which time her family will be responsible for funding search and rescue efforts.

They have set up a Go Fund Me account to help fund the search going forward.

Amanda Waller’s sister in law told us Waller is a graduate of the University of Houston and grew up in Baytown.

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