World War Z Gets New Poster & Trailer

world war z poster alternateA new poster and trailer for Brad Pitt‘s long-awaited zombie apocalypse, World War Z,  has made its way online, and judging  from the two promo pieces, there is going to be some awesome zombie action in this flick.

Based on Max Brook’s novel of the same name, World War Z follows United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), as he searches the globe for a cure to the zombie pandemic that is threatening to destroy the whole world as we know it.

The picture depicts a mob of the flesh-eating monsters making a mountain out of each other in order to attack an airborne helicopter.  Take a look at how some of them are displaying perfect form as they try to bring the craft down into the abyss of man eaters – very uncharacteristic behavior for a dead corpse.

The World War Z trailer features even more zombie apocalypse. We see Lane trying to save his family and humanity from the urban mayhem that takes place when the sprinting dead takes over the city. For some reason he thinks the key to stopping the madness lies in Russia. Check out the clip below to see what other clues are revealed about the movie.

Some fans are concerned that the fast running zombies, as oppose to the slow walking type portrayed in the novel, will ruin the movie. I think it’s a great spin on the story because quick moving zombies sprinting to make you into their lunch are by far a more terrifying concept.

Directed by Marc Forster and working from a screenplay by Mathew Carnahan, the film stars Mireille Enos and David Morse alongside Pitt.

Expect the World War Z zombie apocalypse to hit theaters on June 21.


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