R&B singer Ciara is baring it all for the release of her new single, but critics are urging her to cover up instead.

On Friday, the songstress posted a sultry photo promoting her single “Thinkin ‘Bout You,” which will be featured on her seventh studio album out later this spring. The black–and–white image shows what appears to be a topless Ciara, 33, from the neck down as her breasts, which aren’t totally visible, glisten in the light.

The “Level Up” singer followed up that post with another racy photo, this time showing her from the waist down and her hand strategically placed near her lady parts.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @Ciara.

“Download and Stream my new single #ThinkinBoutYou TONIGHT at 9pm pst/12am est and while you’re at it…Pre-Save my 7th studio album #BeautyMarks available everywhere May 10th!!!” Ciara wrote.

The sensual images sparked plenty of reactions from fans, many of whom accused the singer of using her sex and nudity to sell records.

“Ciara … you don’t have to do this. Please put some clothes on,” one critic wrote.

“I love you C, but [I] find this particular photo offensive,” another user chimed in. “You are such a beautiful person. Please start sharing your everlasting beauty instead of body parting yourself for what is temporary.”

One critic said the photos were just another “nail in [Ciara’s] career coffin.”

Not everyone saw it that way, however, and rushed to defend the songstress from critics hellbent on trying to shame her. Though nude, many argued the photos were done “tastefully.”

“Why all you bitches mad it’s not even an ‘exposed’ picture or anything offensive ,” one fan wrote.

“All the haters(so called ‘fans’) stfu and let our queen live her best life ,” another said. “Stop criticizing others. Acting like she’s popping her out or some dumb shit like that. She’s a grown ass woman who does whatever TF she wants. Stop telling her how to live HER LIFE.”

One fan opined: “Y’all got nerve complaining bout this but bumping thotiana.”

A fellow user agreed, arguing that critics were making a big stink about nothing and that those who took offense to the photos should simply hit the unfollow button.

“You have the option to follow or unfollow PERIODT!” they added.

Singer Ciara caught flak from critics over sensual photos she used to promote her new music. (Instagram / Ciara)

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