Everyone loves Yoda, the odd-speaking wise Muppet Jedi from the Star Wars movie. So why not give him his own movie? Such is the logic of studio executives. Or perhaps not, since this is only a rumor. And a rumor that comes from Ain’t It Cool News, which isn’t exactly a bastion of reliability. Or proper grammar. But it is known that, since Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney, they have in fact been planning spin-off films for Star Wars, in addition to the upcoming Episode VII. The rumor mill spun out the news that there would be a Zack Snyder-directed movie that would be like a sci-fantasy Seven Samurai a while back, but it got shot down pretty quickly. So look to see what they say about this tidbit. It seems especially suspect considering that AICN article also claims that they’re working on a Jabba the Hutt film. Which even Disney would recognize as a worse idea than a Yoda film.

By the way, it doesn’t really have to be said that this is a terrible idea, right? I mean, an entire movie of Yoda and his backwards-forwards talk? People may think they want to know the backstory of the old mentor character, but that’s because people are dumb and don’t know what’s good for them. The main reason I report this is that, despite the source, this still seems like a plausible possibility. Lucasfilm and Disney, the most merchandise-happy companies on Earth, have merged, and Yoda is the most merchandizable character in the Star Wars universe. Except, I guess, for R2-D2 and C-3P0…

…Oh my god. The droids are totally going to get a spin-off film. Calling it now. Just you wait and see.

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