Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress Joseline Hernandez sparked outrage once again among fans who condemned her recent risqué Instagram photos.

The 32-year-old mother remains on the radar for her provocative behavior. Folks have scolded Hernandez time and time again for her overly sexy mannerisms since giving birth to her daughter Bonnie Bella. One person even called her a “bad mother” for showing her bare bottom on social media.

“I love you. Just wish you realized there is more to you than your naked a** and body. You’e raising a lady. This s**t will catch up with you,” one fan wrote.

Hernandez, on the other hand, seemingly hasn’t paid any mind to what critics are saying. She took to social media on Wednesday and shared a series of salacious photos. In the images, she donned “pimp-like” attire such as a pink hat, a bright yellow fur coat and a yellow, multi-colored bikini.

Joseline Hernandez
(photo credit: Instagram)

She wrote “I’m dat bitch” and added, “ .”

However, folks were unimpressed with Hernandez’s racy pictures and blasted the star for acting “inappropriate.”

“You’re not a b**ch, you are a young lady and a mother!”

“Your nothing but a sex symbol ♾ do better for your daughter.”

“And your other talent IS???.where the music ?,,R did u really try my boi Stevie? ..say it wasn’t so!!”

“You can’t make a _ _ _ a housewife‍Steve J wanted a real wife! .”

“Chile it’s time for you to get some class about yourself the whole world have seen your body… You’re “That Chick”. Ms. Bonnie Bella is watching what you teach her about being a woman.”

“A Queen doesn’t call herself such horrible name.”

However, other fans thought Hernandez looked beautiful in her flamboyant attire.

“The BADDEST CHICK!!  She said what she said. Move tf on.”

“Yes you are!!!! You doing that yellow too!!”

“Look like perfect doll .”

Hernandez appears to be preparing for her new reality show “Joseline Takes Miami” reportedly airing this year.

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