Masika Kalysha, of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” fame, got clowned after she posted an Instagram photo of herself holding a pistol.

The 34-year-old Kalysha can be seen in the picture wearing a denim shirt, ripped denim jeans and a New York Yankees baseball cap. The pistol Kalysha is holding is a black semi-automatic, and she didn’t explain why it was necessary to show it off.

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“Fk u think I need the jumbo Chanel for,” wrote Kalysha, who has a daughter by the rapper Fetty Wap.

Many of the “Black Cinderella’s” 2.4 million followers let her have it afterwards and called the post strange.

“You look ridiculous AF,” one of them wrote.

“Girl u look dumb,” wrote another.

“Weird flex but ok,” someone else commented.

“Okay we’ll all know you not about that life Sika you want the jumbo Chanel for superficial reasons,” a fifth person stated. “Delete this hun… you look silly.”

The photo racked up 78,000 likes within a day and over 1,900 comments.

But there were some of the fellas who said they liked the photo and called Kalysha their type of girl. Others said the gun photo is sexy, while a few just commented on her appearance.

“Another bad dish!!” someone wrote.

A second person used the word “wifey ” to describe Kalysha.

But for the most part, she got skewered by fans, who besides calling her “corny” for the pic, said it sends a horrible message.

“All the gun violence experienced in America in 2019… you’d think pics like these wouldn’t be associated with smiles and hearts. Anyway what do I know 🤷‍♀️,” one person wrote.

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