Young Man Uses Vine to Blasts Store Employees Following Him

(Image: Vine)

Whether you’re an average Joe, a billionaire black woman named Oprah Winfrey, or the President of the United States, the discrimination that comes along with shopping while black is one many blacks can all relate to.

In past situations, we weren’t always equipped with the right technology to document these discriminatory behaviors, but thanks to social media and the use of a camera phone, Vine user Rashid Polo was able to record his experience while shopping in a convenience store.

“She’s been following me around the store the whole time,” Polo says in one Vine video. “There she goes. She thinks I’m stealing,” he adds as the store employee peeks around the corner.

Thankfully, Polo was able to capture his shopping while black experience on camera, but for many black consumers, this is an experience that is frequently swept under the rug.

Recognizing the impact of his video, Polo tweeted, “Discrimination is never cool. I’m glad I could shed some light on such a sensitive topic in a positive way.”

Take a look at Polo’s two Vine videos below.

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